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Remember when you were a kid and your treehouse was your haven?
It was where you'd go to get away from responsibility. It was where you'd go to dream. It was your special place, your secret hideaway. Your Treehouse was where you'd go to relax, quietly play, experience your natural surroundings and look up into the trees and at the sky beyond…letting all your cares just slip away.

Well, there's still a place like that in Gainesville, Florida. A place where natural surroundings abound and peace and serenity can be found within every apartment unit. Although it's only blocks from the pulse of downtown and within biking distance to mostly everything: school, work, shops, dining, clubs, parks, trails, and wherever you want to go, it's also tucked away so that the sounds you hear are those of nature.

School and work are demanding, so treat yourself to life at Treehouse Village: Gainesville's peaceful living experience. Join our welcoming group of graduate students, young professionals, small families, and more at Treehouse Village apartments today…
...your very own, grown-up treehouse.
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*Treehouse Village Apartment Specifications: All of our units are spacious two bedroom suites that come fully equipped.
I am extremely satisfied with living at Treehouse over the past six years.
The reason I have always stayed at Treehouse has been the quiet atmosphere, the privacy that I have, and the helpfulness of the management in the office... Also, the apartments are very affordable and pet friendly
-Will, Post-Graduate Student of the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
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Treehouse Village Apartments | Gainesville's peaceful living experience.
Treehouse Village is a place where nature meets a more urban lifestyle, and where you can enjoy serenity within Gainesville.
Come by and visit us at: 117 SE 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601